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MSCA 09 BTG provides the following items in the District Kit. Bulk literature that can be ordered from GSO ( are the responsibility of each General Service District Treatment Facilities/BTG Committee.  Sample forms created by MSCA 09 BTG for use by the districts are provided to be copied for use by the district Treatment Facilities/BTG Committee.


BTG may lead to cooperation with other district committees in MSCA 09 and elsewhere. For a map of all districts in MSCA 09 and their contact information, visit the MSCA 09 website:


Districts can report their monthly feedback to the MSCA 09 Treatment Committee Chair here:


The monthly feedback section is password protected. You can email for access.

MSCA 09 Bridging the Gap Literature

District Committee Literature

Temporary Contact Volunteers Literature

Treatment Facilities Literature

GSO Produced Pamphlets