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If you would like more information about meeting a Temporary Contact from Bridging the Gap please use the form below.

All information is and will remain strictly confidential.

Getting back into the 'real world' isn't always easy for an alcoholic. Many of us had never been sober on the outside, and we admitted that the first few days out were a little frightening. Sometimes, we didn't know if we would stay sober. Even new members of AA usually know that they can't make it alone. The dilemma for some of us was that we weren't sure we could make it in AA either.

Many of us who have made the transition to sober and have happy lives in our communities still remember the first days on our own. It was hard to know what to do. Now we see that we can help the new people getting out. The primary purpose of AA Bridging the Gap is to introduce newly released people to AA in their communities. You can get in touch with us through the form below.

AA Bridging the Gap is an organization of alcoholics helping other alcoholics. We are part of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are not connected nor affiliated with any other group or institution. The only thing we want from this work is the satisfaction of helping others. Being alcoholic ourselves, we know that the people you will meet in your first days out could make all the difference. We hope that we will hear from you.

Please email us at or leave a voicemail with your info at 949-346-4697.