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The Alcoholics Anonymous Bridging the Gap program offers Newcomers a Temporary Contact to help make a successful transition from a treatment facility into A.A. To do that we match you with a Temporary Contact volunteer based on your Gender, Age and Location. In effect, we help you “Bridge the Gap” between the treatment environment and everyday life.

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What is a Temporary Contact?

A Temporary Contact is an A.A. member in the Bridging The Gap Program who helps a newcomer make the successful transition from a treatment facility into A.A.

A Temporary Contact is not committed to help with every case; he or she simply assists when he or she can. This is basic 12th Step work, and the initial contact is like a 12th Step call.

Being a Temporary Contact is not the same type or level of commitment as being a sponsor. It is simply helping a newcomer to get started in A.A.

A Temporary Contact does not provide lodging, money, or other social services.

What is a Temporary Contact Expected to Do?
If possible, meet or make contact with the newcomer before the newcomer leaves the facility.

To avoid any misunderstandings, explain clearly that this is a temporary arrangement.

Try to do the things outlined in the A.A. pamphlet; Bridging the Gap.

Take the newcomer to a meeting and introduce him or her to other A.A. members.

Explain group membership and the value of having a home group.

Explain sponsorship to the newcomer, referring to the pamphlet; and perhaps help the newcomer find a sponsor.

Review the many different meeting formats – open, closed, speakers, etc.

Ensure the newcomer knows how to obtain a listing of meetings or provide a list to him or her.

Introduce the newcomer to AA conference-approved literature and the A.A. Grapevine.

Please email us at or leave a voicemail with your info at 949-346-4697.